Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I am sure some of you have noticed that my blog posts have been non-existent for sometime now.
Our high school has a musical every 2 years and this was the year.  The chorus put on The Sound of Music and I was asked to be in charge of the costumes.

I never realized how many costume changes that there were until I started looking into it.  Both Drew and Sam had parts in the musical.  Drew was Captain and Sam was Fredrick (second child from the left)

They have been practicing since the first of September.  This past Friday, Saturday and Sunday were the actual performances.
The boys have recovered much more quickly than I have. :)
I hope to finish washing up the costumes and get them put away this week.

Needless to say many things got put on the back burner while I was sewing costumes. 
 My dust bunnies have grown like leaps and bounds over the past couple of months.

I am hoping that life will settle down a bit. 
 It has been a really busy fall for me.  
Chorus wreaths get distributed next Tuesday (all 200 of them) and then I can officially say my parental duties as a chorus parent are finished for the year.......until we chaperon the chorus trip to NYC! (sigh)

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