Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mother always said eat your fruits and vegetables........not these!

I have been working with some new patterns that we got in the shop.  BlackBerry Primitives came out with a line of patterns by Kay Cloud. I believe we have 7-9 new patterns.

Above is the pineapple. You can either use the hand-dyed velvet or wool.  I've done both and they look great.

Pears......I've only had time to make one of these. I will be doing more in between the dye batches today.  There are 3 sizes of the pear. Again, you can use wool or velvet or even silk.

Did I mention I stuffed all of them with sawdust?

Dogs, owls, gourds, plums persimmons, strawberries and birds......just to name a few! Mom is working on the dog today. I will show pics when she is done. 

Patterns retail for $9.00

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