Monday, September 16, 2013

New Crates

When we first started in business we looked for anything that was relatively inexpensive to help us out.
We purchased these beautiful, old crates that were longer than 36 inches and a tad on the heavy side.  The crates had the patina that we were looking for and "fit" the look of our shop.

We decided to change our vending style and we were getting tired of carrying the crates around. 
 I roped my husband into making us some new ones for the shop.

The new crates are very light and made specifically to our liking.

9 are made for the hand-dyed wools and when things settle down for us he is going to make some that are just a little bigger for the as-is wools.

Mom and I REALLY appreciate the hard work and time that it took to make these.
Thank you much Dave, you are truly the best!

Mom would say that you are the favorite son-in-law!  
Few people know that you are the "ONLY" son-in-law :)


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