Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall is here!

Good Morning!
  I feel like I have much to tell you about.
 Fall is definitely in the air.  Yesterday we started a fire in the fireplace as it was a tad chilly in the house. 
 We were lucky enough to miss the snow.  I was NOT ready to shovel yet!

 The days seem to roll right off of the calendar.  
Mom and I have had a very busy fall and we are on the down hill side of our committements.
I will see if I can catch you all up on our activities.

We entertained the Bittersweet Sisters......what a wonderful group of ladies.  All very talented and complete MANY beautiful projects.
There is nothing they can't do!  

Can you believe they spent the "entire" day with us and we never took a picture?  This is the Bittersweet Sisters with a few added details. :)

They brought mom and I a basket filled with goodies from each of their states.  Oh my!  I am embarrassed to say I didn't take a before picture. 
 My family ate everything out of the basket within days!!  Such special treats!  YUM!
I am now using the basket as a "project" basket.  If you look close you can see my latest punch project waiting to be finished.

Patti from Chicago (Patti also has Winding Vine blogspot) made us a kleenex holder out of wool and velvet.  Mine went straight to my purse and has already been to Florida and back.

We had a great time and did lots of laughing and we are in awe of their beautiful work!!

Come back any time ladies!!

Yes, my youngest, a junior in high school.  Dress up day at school.  This banana suit along with 2 others has seen MANY activities at school........even the cross country meets.

I try to get to as many of the kid's activities as I can and this year I have missed some of Sam's as we have been traveling.  
His last race of the year...........ran his personal best........yes, I missed it!  :(

Off to Omaha we went for a new show for us.  We had a great time meeting new vendors and new customers as well.  We got out just in time as bad weather was right behind us on the way home.

I took a half a day on a Saturday to see Natalie cheer.  We haven't been able to see her cheer yet. She was close enough I could zip over and see her in action.  Always fun to see the kids in their element.

Back to Osage to teach the Heritage Club from the bank the blanket stitch.  We put together a couple coasters with fall colors for them to work on as a "quick" project.

Next, we were off to Florida to see our oldest. 
 We took mom and dad with us so they could see where Jenny went to school and to see her play.
Congrats to her as she made the All-Tournament Team.  
We said our good-byes and Jenny said, "See you in 3 weeks."
Yikes, is it Senior night already?

First time in Florida for the folks.  We did get to sneak to the beach for a walk while we were there.
We had a great time and saw lots of volleyball and the sights of Pensacola.
We also got to spend LOTS of "quality" time together. ;)

Now you know why I said the days are flying off the calendar.  
Mom and I head out for Booneville, Missouri Friday morning for our last show of the fall.

I am ready to stay put........well, at least for a few days anyway.
Neither mom or I have put a loop of wool in anything. 

We have received many bolts of wool in the last few days.  I think I unloaded 10 from my car this morning.  Will post pictures later.

My dye pots are calling so I need to close for now.  
Happy Hooking and have a blessed day!


  1. You are busy. Sorry I missed you in Omaha Linda

  2. I know that Oregon is a long way but sure do wish we had vendors like you at our shows.