Monday, December 30, 2013

"I" is the letter

Last year at Christmas I didn't post any photos of our family Christmas and I heard about it. So this year I made sure that I took my camera so you could see a few of the "I" gifts and to see how Mom and Dad had the table set.

Ice house and Igloo were custom made by Dad.

The table was adorned with Iowa State table cloths (sorry Iowa fans), Icicles, Ice Breaker mints, and 
Ice Water

IBC root beer was the beverage choice of the "younger" crowd.

The story of Curious George and the Igloo was read as the "I" gifts were passed around.

"I" gifts ranged from Ice Chips, Ice Wagon cart, Ibuprofen, Italian dressing, Iowa State hat, Iowa Magazine etc.

A cheap puzzle that began with an "I" that was the hit of the evening.

Dad and Mom managed to wear "normal" apparel this year…….just an Icicle hanging from Mom's neck. :)

2 of the kids had to ask the question, "what letter is next year!"  :)

Merry Christmas to all!

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