Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Good Morning

I'm sitting in the lobby of the Methodist Hospital as I write this post. 
 Dad is having a shoulder replacement done this morning.  He has been in a lot of pain and Mayo's was able to get him in within a week.  It has taken us all a little by surprise.

 If you are stopping by the shop today we are closed as I am sitting with mom while dad is under the knife.

While Mom was with dad yesterday I got a few projects finished up so thought I would share those photos.

Above is our snowman mat. He needs a name. Any suggestions? 
 This is mom's version and she finished hooking it over the weekend.  
I personally think it's one of her best projects.  
I love how she added the trim on the scarf and flower on the hat.
He retails for $38.00

These 2 projects are kits in the shop that we have for purchase. See the website for further info.
 The top photo is a sampler by The Pinkeep, Linda Theran.
I made the above project into a pillow and twisted floss from the project for a small trim around the outside.

This is Stacy Nash's pattern. 
 The box is a little bit bigger as we increased the count (for our eyes). ;)

I was hoping to have 1 more to show you but unfortunately I sewed the velvet on wrong!
 I'm not sure if I am leaving it or if I can get it ripped out without destroying the needlework.
Don't you love it when you do dumb things?  I was so disgusted with myself.
Oh well, life goes on.

Happy Hooking on this very cold day!

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