Friday, February 26, 2016

Any one out there?

It's been a very long time since I last wrote.
Life has taken me on a journey that I hadn't planned on.

I wanted to share my latest rug.  I just finished it late this afternoon.
It's called "Forever True"  a 32" round and retails for $80.00.

This rug is so full of memories for me. 
 I designed it late June/early July 2015.  I was feeling very patriotic as my second son, Sam was in the middle of his BMT (basic military training) in San Antonio, Texas.
  2 years prior son Drew was going through the same process.

When Drew was at BMT I made a dye formula called "Dress Blues".  This rug is hooked using that particular recipe.  

We unexpectedly lost Drew on July 25 of this year when he was on active duty in Guam.  
I hooked this as we traveled over the last 7 months.
  It is a bittersweet rug in that it has happy and sad memories but a rug that I will ALWAYS cherish.  

Happy Hooking
Cherish Every Day!


  1. It is a beautiful rug. Thank you so much for sharing the meaning behind it - that makes it even more precious. I continue to pray for your family every day.... May you treasure your memories.
    Blessings, Patti

  2. What a beautiful rug you hooked. It is a great tribute to our nation's young men who are risking their lives for our country. Please know you and yours are in my daily prayers. Keep your memories of him close. And bless you for raising such wonderful sons.

  3. Your rug is beautiful. I'm so sorry about your Drew.

  4. Dear Beth & Marge. I was looking for the vendors for the Lincoln Hook-in to send the list to a friend when I came across your blog and read about your recent losses. So tragic! Please know your entire family will be in our prayers. My Mom & Jane will be in Lincoln, but I'm on another trip, so I'll probably see you in Omaha in the Fall. Grace and Peace to you! Anne

  5. Oh my goodness. I had no idea. I love the rug. I lost a son at about the same age and a mother's heart can not ever really heal. Maybe that is why God had me look you up as I saw you in Booneville and wear your fleece almost every day, you've been on my mind.
    I had a Grandson do his basics as an MP at Ft. Leonardwood this past year. I was so thrilled to be able to go and see him in his dress blues. You have captured the color. We also lived in Texas 36 years before moving here to Missouri. Hugs to you. You will always have a friend who knows, although you smile, your heart is broken. God bless. Judy Allen