Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Challenge Rug................American Dream

As promised, here are the Challenge Rugs........................American Dream. I was worried about getting the proper picture taken and what I should have worried about was getting my foot out of the picture!!!!! I don't know about anyone else but it was exciting for me to see how the same pattern can be done in so many ways. Everyone is getting more creative with each rug that you do!! The above rug is done by Charlie Reeves

Elsie Ulland created this rug................I do believe that is Miss Fertile in the center.

Karen Carey got creative with her rendition and has her wedding anniversary in the center with two trees.

Avis Shrier, of Joined At The Hip, added her quilting block to the center of her rug. I know there was meaning behind this block but I think I forgot to ask...............sorry.

Sharon Townsend from Altoona I believe hooked her rug in less than a week? Hit and Miss surrounding a grouping of flowers.

Last but certainly not least this rug is hooked by Marge. She got creative and placed her 4 wonderful children in the center of this rug! ;) Nice job Mom

Just curious to see if anyone has begun next years challenge rug? Mom has her wool picked out but has yet to start! Looking forward to next year already!!


  1. It's a lovely foot! The rugs are pretty special too!

  2. I probably should have used the crop button!!