Monday, September 12, 2011

Threads That Bind

On our way to Warsaw, Missouri we took in a few stops. We had a couple of favorite antique shops that we stopped at along with a few new ones. A few treasures were bought and even used in our booth!! On the way home we stopped in Macon, Missouri to see the new home of Threads That Bind. Words cannot describe this place. It is an old building located in downtown Macon. I only took a few pictures because it isn't "officially" ready yet. There are wood floors through out the main area and they are beautiful. Tin ceilings cover the entire first floor and they are in mint condition. We were so excited just looking at it that we chatted all the way home about it. Shawn will do amazing things with this place. We will be sure and let you know when the retail store is up and running!!

Pennies by the pound? Believe it or not these two pieces of furniture were bought about 10 years apart! I was with Shawn when she bought the top cubby............I wanted it too but she saw it first!! The paint is identical and it is a match made in heaven! Shawn plans to put different size pennies for customers to purchase by the pound. The scale is sitting to the right. What fun...........I am sure that I will need some!?
Note the wood was laid on the diagonal. Don't you ever wonder how some things survive 100's of years and others don't?

This is a picture of one of the store front windows. It is displaying some of Shawn's wonderful creations. I took a picture of the other window but it didn't turn out as well. To keep the displays from fading there are black and white awnings that can be hand cranked.

Just a closer look. You all would be soooooooooooo jealous if you saw it in person! Shawn is a dear friend and we are very excited for her. I have been trying to come up with excuses to go back down and visit but so far none have panned out!! We even offered to be live models in her window!!!

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