Tuesday, January 3, 2012

G is for .....................................Gabriel

G is for Gabriel the Guardian Angel.  We (Natalie) had Grandma's name for Christmas this year.  I have gotten myself into a pickle by giving a hooked doll when we have Grandmas name.   

I knew that I wanted to do an angel I just wasn't sure HOW to put it altogether.  I sat down in church the Sunday before Christmas and there was an angel on the front cover of the bulletin.  I quickly sketched out a design and knew things would fall into place.
Tuesday I drew out the wings and began was due on Friday by 5. I sculpted the head using Sculpy clay but wasn't sure how to attach it to the wings.
Friday morning I called Grandpa and said I needed some help.  I took all the pieces and 30 minutes later the head was attached and I was ready to finish up Gabriel. 
He needs a little something for his hands and I think we decided that a horn would look really good so Grandma will be on the look out for that!
It's always great to do something a little out of the ordinary.

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