Friday, August 17, 2012

Fair Time

4-H is always about having fun.  This year our club participated in "Share The Fun".  They performed a routine to California Girls by the Beach Boys and YES that's my son (daughter) in the middle.
He and his buddies were the "Western" girls.

Yes, a couple rubber balls and my bra can work wonders!!  You should have seen his legs.............not bad for a guy.  What a fun time they had!

Poultry Superintendents.........sounds prestigious.  Note how far I am holding that chicken from myself!!  The broilers tend to shoot out the back end...............learned the hard way. :)

Sam's pen of three pullets.  He got blue ribbons.

Drew and his pen of 3.  He got blues too.  
This is Drew's last fair as next year he will be at basic training for the Air Guard.

Always a fun time but am glad when it's over. :)

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