Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baa Baa Boonville Hook-In

Last week we were honored to be venders at a wonderful hook-in located in Boonville, Missouri.
This year we were in the basement of a church which gave us all much more room.  Booth set up is on Friday evening which is always a plus.

Everyone who registered received a "shopping" bag with this great logo on it.  

Another shot of our booth.  We loved the "extra" room this year.
Thanks Elinor!

Wonderful decorations adorn the church basement!  These ladies always out do themselves!
LOTS of hard work and effort goes into this hook-in!

This is what is looks like when everyone arrives!!  So fun to hear the chatter and excitement as the basement fills up with hookers!

We had a wonderful time again.  Thank you to Elinor B. and her crew for yet another successful day!!

Happy Hooking!

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