Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Some Eye Candy

We always love to see what customers have hooked.  
These rugs were in the shop the same day but hooked by 2 different ladies.

Above is a rug hooked by Charlie.  She was passing through on her way to visit her grandchildren and stopped for a quick visit.
Charlie said this came from a book.  I know that Potted Pear put one in RHM several years back.  I am not sure if this is it or not.
The colors were great and so appropriate for this time of the year.
Thanks, Charlie for sharing!

This rug is called "Simple Sampler" and is one of our rugs.  Turby hooked this rug using all of her leftover noodles!
Turby is always bashful when it comes to showing her rugs.  She has done some wonderful creating and she never gives herself credit!
Thanks, Turby for sharing!

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