Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Trust everyone enjoyed the holidays and got to spend some quality time with family.
 Perhaps got those last minute gifts finished up and under the tree just in time? 
 I know I had one last minute gift.

Right before we had our family Christmas we made a quick trip to Florida for a graduation ceremony. 

Our oldest, Jenny graduated from University of West Florida in December.
  She graduated with a degree in Biology and will begin her Masters program this spring. Jenny will continue as a graduate assistant with the volleyball team.  

The letter "J" was the Christmas letter this year. 
 Mom's table looked stunning as usual.
"Joy" was the centerpiece and added a beautiful sentiment to the dinner table.

As you can see we all had a box of "Jello" at our place along with some "juniper" and "jingle" bells.

Mom found this wonderful "jean jumper" at Goodwill.  She was extremely proud of herself. 
I believe the scarecrow will be wearing it when the snow is gone!

I can't remember how much "jangle" was in the "jar" but I know that I didn't win the amount.  

As you can see we have a pretty good time with the alphabet. 
 Next year is the letter "K". 
 I think it will be more of a challenge.

I had mom's name and I made her a "jigsaw" puzzle ball out of "jet" black velvet.  I finished the day before but it looked awesome.  I'll try and get a picture later.

Enjoy your families and happy hooking everyone!

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