Thursday, December 4, 2014

Memories in the Making

Many of you have watched my children grow up so I wanted to share these with you.

Sam and Joe after the all state concert. Sam sang in the chorus and Joe played the bass trombone in the orchestra.

We were lucky enough to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in Orange Beach, Alabama.
We all needed time to "forget" life for a few days and just be a family.

I used to think I had a "normal" family until I started looking at these photos.  
Seems they aren't "normal" after all! ;)

Natalie's cheer squad is competing for the first time in February.
She thought she could teach her "strong" brothers how to do the lifts so she could practice.
Turns out it wasn't as easy as they thought.

We had some good laughs and it was wonderful to be together as a family!

Thanks, for letting me share.

Happy Hooking!

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