Friday, April 15, 2011

More Newton Projects

Mary from Des Moines was working on her own creation called Symphony in Red. The design was created on red burlap and she was using a variety of textiles for wools.
JoAnne's project is is her own design and will be a gift for her husband when she completes it. It is a cornfield and if you look closely you can see a tractor in the middle of the rug heading toward the sun. This is hooked in a 3 or 4 cut...................are you nuts?! It is beautiful and we have watched it progress over the years, I mean months. ;)
Wanda too has designed her own paisley and it was stunning. Her colors were exquisite! Wanda too enjoys those tiny cuts of wool! She keeps saying she wants to do large but I think her true calling is fine cut!

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