Sunday, April 3, 2011

Off to Market we went............................

Off to market we went to pick up a few things! Above: Reproduction dome screen, $18.00, octagon trivet, $26.00. The trivets will work with anything. We have large and small ones.
Primitive Peg Shelf, $64.00. These work anywhere!! We also picked up some primitive battery operated tapers. They come in 2 sizes; 11" @ $15.50 and 6" @ $15.00 and yes that includes the holder as well! These are awesome when lit.
Primitive Bowl Bin, I LOVE this shelf! This is the small and retails for $54.00 and the large on retails for $72.00. I could have one of these in every room in my house. So, here is the deal........we only have a FEW shelves..............guess we were a little conservative? Next time our motto is: "Balls to the walls" :) These really are fun so stop by and check them out.

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