Thursday, June 14, 2012

Chicken Shed Renovations?

This small building was on our acreage when we purchased the site.  I am not really sure what use it was intended for but we converted it into our "chicken shed".

 Well, over the years the building has begun to deteriorate and the roof is in need of repair.  We have also had "many" pesky friends sneaking in through parts of the building!!

Upon just barely getting the garden fence up Grandpa said he had a "PLAN"  for our chicken shed!  I was trying to decide if I should invest in a gallon or 3 of paint.

Grandpa's "PLAN" sounds much more exciting and eye appealing as well.

Grandpa is so excited about this project!  He described what he thought we should do and it is perfect!  We will officially be "adding on"  to the previous building.  Are we crazy.........................well, we already know the answer to that. :)

In the meantime that means running electricity, putting in a water line and removing some cement. 

Soooooooo, when we start to have some action I will take pictures and post them.  

Hint:  we won't have to buy many materials..........................we are re-purposing!!

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