Friday, June 15, 2012

Salt Lake City Graduation

My nephew Max graduated from HS in Salt Lake City Utah a few weeks back.  We decided we would try and fly stand by so we didn't tell them that we were coming.  

Surprise we made it and all went well on the flights out.

I took some pictures of my brothers garden (which takes up the entire backyard of their home).

Above you will see a planter that he has designed.  Every plant in the container is real.  The white specs you see in the grass is actually grass that is blooming.  It was truly amazing!!

One of two heads of iceberg lettuce growing in the bed.  I thought that the texture and color was wonderful!

A little mileage sign in the middle of the garden in case you want to know how far you have to travel!

I think these were the tomato plants but I honestly can't remember.  Deneece made the sign for the graduation party.

Party lights that accentuated the garden perfectly!  Tim designed the picket fence himself.

This is the view from their backyard!!  

My brother also makes furniture and we saw some wonderful pieces while we were there.................however, I didn't take any pictures!  I think I got so caught up in looking I forgot to shoot!!

I took pictures of the chickens but not the chicken shed which was the coolest!!  

Next time I will have to be more on the ball and not so busy gawking around!!

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  1. How fun that you got to surprise your family with a visit! Sounds (and looks) like your brother's garden is spectacular - does he every participate in garden tours? I'd love to go see it someday since I live nearby!