Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fallen off the blog and into the garden.............fence

Remember that pile of wood that I showed you?  The ones we got from tearing down a shed on our property?  
The boards were to be used for a garden fence that I have wanted for some time now.  As you can see the process has begun. 

Renting an auger from the local farm store uptown was a must.  We had 24 posts to put into place (Grandpa had some of his own as well).  Running that piece of equipment..................TOTALLY a guy thing!!

As you can see the garden is in pretty rough shape.  We had lots of weeds and it seemed to be a never ending job from year to year.  A couple years ago I asked for garden boxes for Mother's Day.  That got us pointed in the right direction.

Little wood steaks were used to mark the spot for the posts.....................except where there was LOTS of limestone.  The fence isn't the straightest but we had no choice.  

This is the front view of the garden.  The 2 tall posts will be the entry and are waiting a few more boards.

The pickets are all up and some perennials have been planted as well as moved and divided.  The gates are made and waiting for Dave to return to put the hardware on.

See the cement tank?  That was on the property when we purchased the place.  For awhile it was used to hold the sheep fence up.  Now I am going to use it as a planter.  For what you ask?  Not sure yet but know it will come to me shortly.

The little baby bunnies have already found the fresh vegetation.  They have gotten a great meal off of my NEW perennials.  :(

Just want to say a BIG thank you to Grandpa for his help in digging the holes and  a BIG thanks to Dave for all of his hard work and diligence in getting the fence up.  He did a fabulous job!!!

When we get a little more done I will post more pictures.

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