Monday, January 28, 2013

Finishing some UFO's

Mom and I were invited to a customers home last week to see her beautiful projects and her fabulous home.  (Thanks Nicki!)
We sat around the table drinking our coffee and looking at WONDERFUL projects.  We began the discussion of UFO's (unfinished projects) and talked about having a day at the shop designated for UFO's.

I got all excited and decided it was time to get my very unproductive rear-end gear!  I have several, numerous, oh, alright MANY projects that are almost complete or started.

With that in mind I came home from Nicki's and was determined!!  The first thing I grabbed was the SLK design that has been hooked since 2004. Yes, you read it correctly 2004.  I ran out of the yarn I was whipping with and came to a dead stop.  As you can see I had less than 5 inches left.  I knew that I had more yarn I just couldn't locate it.


I hate to say it but it took me less than 10 minutes to wrap the rug.  Yes, I know the color doesn't match but it was the closest thing I had and the project is done!!

Yes, all finished and ready for a final steam.

I was working on another project yesterday and reached into my scrap basket.................what's that?...........
yep....................the very yarn I KNEW that I had!!

Don't you just love it?  UGH!  Well, that's the way it goes.  Guess it does pay to be organized!?!
(I'm working on that and will share shortly).

1 down, several more to go.  I wrapped the Santa mat that is also SLK and has been hooked for................well, it's really not important, 2 stars that were suppose to be a box and are now officially coasters, and laced the back of this sampler.

Yes, all in the same night!  What a good feeling it is to actually complete something that was just hanging around taking up space, getting tossed here and there.  

Thanks to our conversation for nudging me forward!

What do you have hanging around unfinished?  Maybe nothing?

Til next time.

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