Thursday, January 24, 2013

H is for Christmas

I didn't bring my camera to Christmas this year.  I didn't realize how many of you await to see what the table looks like and what the "H" gifts are going to be.  

I am sorry for the lack of pictures and I will remember for next year.

Yes, 2012 was the year of the letter "H".  We were greeted at the door with my parents wearing "Halos".  Not so sure Mom is any angel but at least for the night she thought she was.  :)

The table was adorned with honey and homemade hearts.  As usual mom and dad did a great job setting the table.  
The "H" gifts included:  hat, hammer, hundred dollar bill (which my son was pleased to get), handkerchief,
hand lotion, Hershey bars and hand warmers just to name a few!

We ate ham and hash browns as the main course followed by the usual fill ins! 

Next year is the letter "I"  it will be an "interesting"  year of gifts!!

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