Monday, January 6, 2014

Another busy week

It's been some very busy days for me.  Drew left on January 2 to head back to Wichita, Tx to finish up Tech School.  He will graduate this week and then begin on the job training in Sioux City, Iowa.

January 4, I headed back up to the cities to take Jenny to the airport.  She is back safe and sound in sunny Pensacola.  

January 5 we had the cold weather arrive at our door.
  This picture I took on the way home on Sunday afternoon. 
 At times it was total whiteout conditions.

School was canceled for today due to extreme temperatures and wind chills.

We should have been home all snuggled in today but Natalie had a reception we needed to go to in Storm Lake, Iowa, a 3 hour drive.  We headed out at 5 a.m. this morning.  The temperature was -18 degrees with the wind chills being -50.  Not a good day to be on the road.

Natalie along with one other BVU student had a "white coat" ceremony today.  They were selected to be part of a 3 week internship with rural hospitals.  She received her coat and then began her internship at a local clinic.  Imagine she will have lots of interesting experiences ahead of her.

We are very proud of her!  Congratulations Natalie!

As I write this post we will not be having school again tomorrow due to continued extreme weather conditions. 
 How many days till Spring? 
 I'm ready! :)

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