Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Yarn

We have had several customers ask us to carry some of the Ryegarn yarn.

  Rauma Ryegarn is a Norweign Rug Yarn that works perfect for wrapping a rug. 
The yarn is 2 ply highly twisted 100% wool and contains 80 yards in each skein.

 At first I wasn't a real big fan of the yarn but it has definitely grown on me.  I am wrapping a rug with it as we speak and have another one ready to go.

Now, here is the deal.  I ordered this yarn without a color card.  When I opened the box of yarn I was a little surprised by some of the colors……..lesson learned. :)  (Think I looked at the wrong number when I ordered).

I have spent the last hour trying very hard to "capture" the color correctly and I failed in a big way.  I have ordered a book to help me take pictures and am waiting on a new lens that I hope will help me with this issue……….and a few more………related to photography that is. ;)

With hesitation here are the colors.  I will put the numbers with the yarns so incase you do have a color card you can see the actual number.    

1164 (eggplant)
526 (purple raspberry)

501 (Natural)
524 (Cherry Red)

533 (Dark Brown)
575 (Antique Black)
536 (Black)

3356 (Light Blue)
3565 (Dark Teal)
3064 (Turquoise)

There they are.  I apologize for the colors.  I'm going to see if I can get a friend to help me with the colors once her schedule settles down a bit.

If you have questions please let us know.  

Skeins are $16.00 ea. and contain 80 yds. enough to wrap 2-10x20 in rugs


  1. Yipppee!!! I love to whip my rugs; and always on the search to find a place that carries it! Thanks for taking care of us who like to finish our rugs in this manner.

  2. Avis, the pictures don't really represent the true color of the yarn. I hope to get some help from a friend with my camera. The yarn has definitely grown on me. :)