Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I is for I OWE YOU a Christmas gift

As many of you know from past years our family does a different letter of the alphabet every year for Christmas. 

 This year was the letter I.

  I had drawn mom's name and I simply ran out of time.  I debated about just buying a gift but that really isn't much fun.

I had to be very creative with my gift so I wouldn't look totally lame. :)

I spent a few days mulling it all over in my head and decided I wasn't going to stress myself out over a Christmas gift and it was JUST mom after all. ;)

I ended up giving her the capital letter "I" and on the back of it I wrote "owe you". Yep, mom got an I OWE YOU as her Christmas gift. 

I had done this one other time when I was in high school.  I bought flannel to make her p.j.'s and wrapped up the flannel and put it under the tree BUT never did make the p.j.'s.  Ooops.

I was very determined not to let that happen again as mom has never let me forget that.

Here is mom's gift.  I gave it to her this morning, wrapped and all.

Meet Iggy.  
Iggy is made totally from scraps. 

 I have made a few rugs lately using my leftovers and I keep waiting for the basket to get smaller but the worms just seem to be multiplying!!

I bought this pattern from Briarwood Folk Art awhile back and was waiting for the opportune time to put it to use.  

It is meant just for scraps.  I love that about the rug.  Using up what you have and making it work……regardless.

Merry Christmas Mom.  I no longer owe you. :)

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