Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A finish...........FINALLY

Rug hooked, steamed and whipped? 
 Well, the rug was hooked and steamed but not wrapped.
If only this rug could talk.  It has been riding in my van in the hopes of whipping here and there.

It has been a long time since I have wrapped a rug and I must say I was a little rusty.  CORNERS.  I HATE corners.  There are 4 corners on this rug and ALL four look different.
  I REALLY need help with these.

Suggestions?  I am open for anything.

I found the best place to wrap this rug was on the footstool.  I sit on the floor and it makes it easier to wrap.  No stretching on the rug while I make my way around.

 Natalie's dog LOVES this spot. 
 As you can see he didn't budge.  It didn't even bother him that I was invading HIS space.

I tried to take pictures of the rug for the web site and as soon as I climbed to the top of the ladder I had company!  They would NOT budge.  I had to crawl down the ladder in order to get them off of the rug!  Guess I got my exercise?!  

Here is the completed rug.  My lens was narrow but I think you get the idea.
I'm ready for fall...............just a few months behind/ahead?

Happy Hooking!

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