Friday, February 14, 2014

Oh, the excitement at the shop......

February 12, 2013.  A day I am sure we will all remember for sometime.
The evening of February 12 a truck driver had just received his load and was headed for delivery.  What he didn't expect was to get pulled over in our small town for driving 45 in a 25 speed zone.  In the process of pulling over on the shoulder he went a little too far and the semi flipped into the ditch.

Talk about CARMA!

This all took place at 11:00 at night.  Our shop played host to the truck driver and the owner of the trucking company till arrangements were made.  
In the mean time the road was officially closed until further notice.  

2 HUGE tow trucks (at the cost of $1,000/hour), an inflatable to boost the trailer up, a skid loader and a dumper trailer were used to clean up the mess.

The truck had come from the Hormel packing plant and was full of pork. 
 Now, when I heard that it was pork I was imagining neatly wrapped packages of pork head for the grocery store. 
 Well, not so much.  It was pork but what they call pork bellies, NOT individually wrapped but in large cardboard containers.  

See the young man standing in the trailer bed on a big pile?  He had the lucky job of taking the cardboard and leftover plastic out of the trailer.  
Yep, he is standing on a pile of pork bellies. 
 Imagine he didn't have that on his schedule!

It was 18 hours from the time the truck driver got pulled over to when the mess was finally cleaned up.  
If by chance you came to see us yesterday we apologize.  Things were slightly out of our control.  

I gave a lot of thought to becoming a vegetarian yesterday!  Sometimes you are better off just not knowing!! :)

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