Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Is It July Yet?

The weather has played a BIG factor in our parts of the woods.  Thank goodness we are only on the edge of this next storm.  whew.

Mom found a little motivation somewhere and began this project that was tucked away in the cupboard.  
She ordered this kit from Polly Minnick several months, years weeks ago.  ;)
Think she was a little tired of the BIG rug she was working on and wanted to see some "real" progress.

I think it's looking pretty good and when summer rolls around she will be glad it's completed.

Nice job mom.


  1. Good job, Marge!!! It looks great. I sure wish your mom would post on the blog sometimes; and she could tell some stories about what you have "aging" at your house. HA!! I'd never admit to those projects that are aging at my house; but, then if someone told on me; I'd deny it. Miss you guys!

  2. Oh Avis, miss you too. Sure think of you guys. :) I have LOTS of aging projects!! I will be the first to admit that! Keep thinking the pile is getting smaller until I bring another one home. :)