Monday, February 27, 2012

25 years in the making!

 25.5 years ago I married this man (what a good choice I made).  We decided to take a trip...............just the two of us.  We haven't done that since we were on our honeymoon.  I strongly suggested that Dave make the arrangements and I didn't care where we went (I usually make the arrangements).
We ended up in New York City.................I place I have always wanted to go!  So many things to do and see.
Dave seemed to be very interested in the food while we were got to be quite funny.  A pretzel from the guy on the corner...............and it was huge.
 The first night we were there we had to have cheesecake!  Heath Bar Crunch and the top layer was cream cheese frosting.  He chose that with me in mind. ;)  It was a very large piece and we couldn't even eat it all.  A $3.00 cup of extremely good/dark coffee went a long just great.  Pound One!
 We saw lots of bakeries and what fun to look in the window and see piles of baked goods dipped in chocolate!  I believe these are chocolate croissants dipped in chocolate. Pound Two!
 This bakery just looked cool walking by.  We walked past twice but the third time we went in.  The name of the bakery is Baked By Melissa.  They are MINI cupcakes!  Each one is under 50 calories.......Pound .5!
I suggested 3 but Dave bought 6...................after all they were low in calories.  Does bite size mean anything?  I believe he ordered Peanut Butter, Smore and Oreo Cookie flavors.  
FYI they are shipped all across the country. :)

We also ventured down to Little Italy.  Fabulous Pasta and Wine followed with the best Canolli in NYC!!
Pound 3.5!
We walked every where we went but it still didn't help.  I am so glad we don't have bakeries on every corner in Osage, Iowa.  I would never be able to get off the treadmill!!

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