Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eye Candy Heaven

I have sewn and had a LOVE of textiles ever since I can remember. I accidently found this store in NYC when we were there visiting.  The entire store was ribbon, lace ANY kind of trim, decal that you could ever imagine. It was all laid out according to colors.  Floor to ceiling on every wall.  I have never in my life seen so much in one store.

Did I mention buttons, rivets and appliques?  That was in the next room.................floor to ceiling as well.  I was literally in heaven.  I tried really hard to find something to purchase but walked out with NOTHING!!  How stupid was that?  Where was this store when I was sewing all the clothes for my kids?!?
This display was in the window introducing all the new inventory.  Check out that bias tape!  Have you ever seen such a thing?
Believe it or not I took more pictures than I have shared!  It was sort of like being in a dream.  I was so excited I don't even remember where the store was or what the name of it was.  

Next time I go to NYC and I am in the garment district..............................I will have a LIST!!

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  1. Yoohoo....HI !! Would you share the name of this store cause I NEED to visit there....wonderful!! Gratefully, Judy...