Thursday, March 1, 2012

One article from ATHA and 12 strips

Remember this?  Yes, it was posted as 1 of my MANY unfinished projects.  

I joined ATHA about a month ago and received my first issue.  I read it front to back and came out with a light bulb moment.  As most of you know I have had a hard time getting motivated these days.  

In the article Lucille by Imogene Lehman  Imogene recalled a class that she had taken with Cynthia Norwood.

Cynthia said just 12 strips a day.  

So, I gave it a whirl.  The first day 12 strips were all I could handle.  When I finished I laid out 12 more strips for the next day.  Day 2 lead to a few more than 12 strips but that was okay with me.  Again, I laid out my 12 strips for day 3.  

Finished the oval around the lion!  How simple was that and WHY did it take reading an article to push me into gear? clue.

All I have left on this rug is this little 4x4 square.  It will get finished today sometime.  

So simple........................................ yet so important!

12 strips a day.  If that's all you have time for that's great, anything else you hook is considered a bonus in my book!!

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