Monday, March 19, 2012

Change is Good

When you make changes in your house it always leads to something else................Here is Mom's studio with a few added changes.  It isn't complete yet............still waiting on the electrician to install some lights.  
New curtains................don't they look great with the brooms hanging on the lower portion?

A new cutting table!  Mom has been wanting a new cutting table that would fit the decor of her house.  A few weeks ago Mom and Dad headed out after church for a little day trip.  They brought back this piece and it fits perfectly...............I'm jealous!
When the room gets it's finishing touches I will put some new pictures up!

Happy Hooking and have a Fabulous Monday!!


  1. I'm loving the whisk brooms hanging in the window as a type of cafe curtain. Very prim! Thanks for sharing that idea. ~Ann

  2. gayle sent me your way! i cant wait to sit a few, with a cup of coffee and read your blog! i love what you did with the little brooms. i have about that many and they are hanging in the basement but i am going to bring them up here to my little studio! also love the 12 strips a day. its going to be 12 noodles a day for me now and then my hooking wont be so on the back burner!! enjoy your day!

  3. I have a small collection of whisk broom displayed in my laundry room, but your way is so clever and original - love it! Great new cutting table to!

  4. Mom does a great job with decorating! Always clever ideas.

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