Sunday, March 4, 2012

Under Construction

Dad and Mom were able to get their hands on some re-purposed flooring.  They have been wanting to take the carpeting up in the office and Mom's studio.  Dave helped haul in the bundles of wood floor before we left for NYC.  The deal was the floor was to "sit"  1 week prior to installing.

Dad got a bee in his bonnet and decided BOTH rooms would be completed by the time we arrived home!  In 2 days time the floor in both rooms were laid and the wainscoting was beginning to go up.  

Get this........................Dad started at 3 a.m. Saturday morning and Mom "drug" herself down at 4 a.m.  They worked 2 full days laying the floor.

 If you thought they were crazy before now you know for sure!!  I wasn't even able to take any before shots!

Mom's studio with the floor laid and the wainscoting almost up.
Believe it or not as I write this EVERYTHING  is already back in place!

Wainscoting waiting to be installed

This mess is no longer.  The new floor looks like it has been there for fits right in with an old farmhouse like theirs!

ONE room of carpeting left........................wonder how long it will take Dad to "rethink" that one?! :)

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