Friday, March 30, 2012

Out on a Limb..............................

Mom and I have always had a love of cross stitch Samplers.
We have recently noticed an increase in cross stitch projects.  Is cross stitch making it's way back?  We have no idea but decided to branch out just a little.

We came upon this new pattern by Country Stitches called "House of Blues and Browns."
It is a cross stitch sampler at one end and then brown ticking (which we LOVE) at the other end of a pillow.

Sooooo we decided to take a risk and order the patterns and all supplies necessary to complete the pillow.

We try and think about what we would like in a kit and relate that to our customers.  We have neatly packaged ALL supplies neccessary to complete this wonderful project.  We have even included a needle and a nice see-through mesh bag.............................just in case you buy it, tuck it away and forget what you bought?!  :)

All you do is grab the bag and you are good to go!  Simple.  And we love Simple!!

Now, we packaged 6 kits and when they are gone.........................they are gone!  
If you are interested please let us know.  We have already sold 3 kits.

We are waiting on the back order of the ric-rack but decided to put the kits out anyway.  If you do purchase the kit we will send you the ric-rack with free shipping.

The kit retails for:  $39.95
Ariosa 22 count, approximate finished size 11.5 x 13 (pillow size)

P.S.  We are anxiously awaiting linen for 3 more cross stitch kits.  These are from a different designer (which we adore) and I will post as soon as the linen arrives.

For those of you that think your eyes are too bad for cross stitch...............there are these things called magnifying glasses (2.50) and they work great.  I keep mine tucked in with my kit so they are always there when needed.  

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