Saturday, February 25, 2012

Exciting News..........................................

I have a bit of news to share and thought it would only be appropriate since most of you know Dad and have had a chance to tour his gardens.

Well, my sister-in-law Deneece contacted Judy Condon in regards to Dad's garden.  We secretly sent off pictures that we had both taken.

On Wednesday of this week the phone was Judy Condon.  As luck would have it both Mom and Dad were here.  Judy informed them that Dad's gardens would be featured in her Garden Book 2013!!!!

  It took a while for it to sink in and my Dad to realize what had just happened.  He gave all the credit for his honor to Mom and I!!  All I did was take the pictures and Mom JUST weeds! ;)
Seriously, Dad you are the brains behind it all!  You know that Grandma Helen is smiling from above (she was an avid gardener too).

Congratulations Dad, you deserve every bit of the honor that has been bestowed upon you!!  
Dad and Mom are gone today as I write this.......................they are at Gertens in Minneapolis learning about starting seeds!!!

While they were gone today I got a sneak peek at what the layout will look like!  33 photos of Dad's gardens...................he will be shocked!!

Needless to say we will keep you updated as to the exact arrival of this book.  Perhaps you will want an autographed copy for yourself?  I know I do!  Think we will be ordering extras of this one.

We love you Dad and are so very proud!

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