Monday, February 6, 2012

Bittersweet Briar Wool Quilt Kit

 Our local quilt shop "Debbie's" has asked us to put together a wool quilt kit for a class project that they are doing.  The quilt is from the book Simple Graces by Kim Diehl.  Students have a choice to stitch the project in either wool or cotton. 
 The wool is appliqued onto a black cotton background.  We think you could use wool as well!  The sawtooth boarder is both cotton and wool.
Here are the colors that we choose for the project.  I am dying a few more to add to it.  Mom and I both thought that WE needed to do it as well............................we'll see!
The card we are placing in the bag was designed by my son Sam.  He was my designer as I was trying to get the dye pots rolling.  Many thanks.....................I really don't enjoy wasting spending time messing around with that little stuff.  

Anyway, if you are interested in this project we have the wool kit and are selling it for $64.95.


  1. I love, love, love the block!!!! And those yummy wools!!! Good luck with your class project.
    Enjoy your day,