Friday, August 2, 2013


Sorry for the delay in getting some pictures up.  The BYOP ended on Saturday and our fair began the next day.  Life keeps hopping right along. :)

Brand new patterns and fresh new hand dyed wool hanging in the breeze.

Great parking and valet service for all of the attendees.

The brand new garage came in mighty handy.......who would have ever thought that it would be COLD the end of July? 

Thank goodness for the garage.  Note that everyone is eating with their jackets on......unreal weather!

Lunch time.  Recipes will follow on a later post.

Mom and Dad had to cut down a tree when the new garage went up so we had to improvise. :)

This sign was given to Dad and Mom as a gift for the new garage.  It resides just inside the doorway of the garage.  I think many events are going to happen there!

More pictures to come.  I'm off to the beef show at the fair.

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