Saturday, August 17, 2013

Update from the Mitchell County Fair

Fair has long since come and gone.........or it seems like it anyway.  Here is just a short recap of the week.

  • Sam's Monster Cookies were considered for the State Fair
  • Pen of 3 Production Pullets, Red
  • Pen of 3 Production Hens, blue and brought back for Champion pen but no luck
  • Reserve Poultry Senior Showmanship
  • 1 malfunctioning garage door on top of daughters car. Garage door.........a mess.
  • 1 car backed into the ditch because son forgot the keys to the showbox so he could feed the chickens at the fair. Bent the frame and needs to go to the body shop.
  • 1 husband absent for the car issues.


Have a great Sunday everyone!

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