Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dye Day

Not sure where you live but the weather here in northern Iowa has been unreal.  High temps and high humidity.  I think we are soon to turn a corner?  (fingers crossed)  

The kids started school this week and what a week to start.  They have gotten out early every day this week.  It's like a sauna in the school.  Can't imagine there is a lot of learning going on. 

Mom and I soon hit the vending circuit so I have been trying to do some dying.  It is too hard on the air conditioner to dye inside so I have been trying my luck outdoors. 

I had to make a wind block the other day because it was so windy.  
Today, it is hot, humid and calm.

I can see the dye pot from my backdoor and that way I don't have to go outside and it helps with the smell in the house as well.  :)  My family likes me better that way too.

Happy Hooking.  Have A Great Day.  Relish Every Moment.

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